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We understand that banking can be very problematic for crew as ‘non-residents’ around the world. Keeping bank accounts steady without bumping into tax problems, card limits, lack of time, large payments, transfer problems, checking balances and other financial implications that might come along while working at sea, is very difficult for crew to keep on top of. Often it is difficult to find help of any kind whether via internet, branch or cash machine.

We can help!With Standard Bank, we provide a unique current account available exclusively to yacht crew. The Seafarer Account has a low minimum balance and no minimum income requirement. Combined with an optional Visa debit card and secure 24/7 internet banking, the Seafarer Account puts you in control wherever you are in the world.

Key features
• Available in Sterling, US Dollar, Euro and Australian Dollar
• £2,500 | US$3,500 | €2,500 | AU$3,500 minimum balance, as applicable
• No maintenance fee whilst the minimum balance is maintained
• Simple to open and operate internationally
• Free electronic payments*

Visa debit card (optional)
• Available in Sterling, US Dollar, Euro and Australian Dollar
• Pay for goods and services and access your money in more than 200 countries, wherever you see the Visa mark
• Dedicated 24/7 customer service

Internet Banking through International Online:
• View and download your account activity
• Transfer funds between your account(s) with us
• Arrange payments to accounts held at other banks worldwide
• Secure authentication for your protection to authorise transfers and payments
• Receive discounted payment fees
• Send secure messages to us about your account(s)

*Free for all UK and international electronic transfers and Standing Order payments. However, any agents’ charges, foreign correspondents’ charges or other indirect costs incurred in connection with transactions undertaken at your request will be passed on to you. Fees and charges apply.

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